Rotation Station #1: Forestcraft

Rotation Station #1: Forestcraft


Howdy Shadowverse players

As we know with rotation format, new cards come in but most importantly, cards go out! This is the first of a series of articles that I will be writing for each class (although portal doesn’t lose any cards in this rotation so we will be skipping that) where I will talk about some of the most impactful losses the classes will suffer as a result of the changing environment.

1. Wood of Brambles

Wood of brambles has been a staple in forest ever since it was first introduced into Shadowverse. If you have been playing Shadowverse for a while now, there is no reason for me to explain this card to you. But one of the things about this card that I will say is that I for one am very happy it is rotating because when this card is out, it turns off soooo many different decks and their strategies. Wood of brambles will probably still see some play in unlimited format where it has access to more bounce options to keep replaying it. But as for rotation? Goodbye Brambles!

2. Magical Fairy Lilac

Unlike wood of brambles, this card rotating actually makes me sad. A 1/4 follower that can literally kill *anything* it trades into due to its clash ability is nuts. Its statline also makes it very hard to kill on the crackback. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any cards in the new set that replaces this as of the writing of this article so I for one will definitely be missing this card when it leaves.

3. Fairy Driver
Fairy Driver Fairy Driver 4

Fairy Driver is a card I have mixed feelings about. Although he has been around for a while, he has not starting seeing any serious play until far after his initial release. That being said, he has been a cornerstone of forest as a win condition or an alternate win condition in some cases. This card leaving does make me go “where are forests win conditions going to come from now?” We do still have Greenglen Axeman but I believe that card might lose some of its effectiveness with this leaving.

4. Beauty and the Beast

Okay so, I have a love hate relationship with this card (I know, hilarious) I love the concept of this card but I absolutely hate fighting against it. However, in recent memory, this card hasn’t put up too much in the way of results in rotation format and only really sees fringe play in unlimited. “Forest Aegis” as i like to call him sometimes, definitely deserved to see more play in rotation but now, his time has passed.

Final thoughts

Since I have started playing Shadowverse, I always wanted a rotation format where cards would rotate and we would have completely different and diverse metagames. With each rotation, major cards leave the game that we have become accustomed and this is a great thing. By reading the cards that are leaving, I hope that as you look at the game, you look and accept that the game continues to change and hopefully improves for the future! Until next time...