The Shadow Nexus League W1 Top 8 Deck Lists

The Shadow Nexus League W1 Top 8 Deck Lists
Tournament Information:

Tournament Name:The Shadow Nexus League Week 1
Tournament Link:The Shadow Nexus BATTLEFY
The Shadow Nexus Twitch Channel
Tournament Date:Wednesday, August 16th 2017
Number of Participants:83 Players
Format:- 3 decks 1 Ban
- Swiss Rounds
-2 out of 3 matches
Prize:Points from swiss will be carried over for each week. And kept track of on a spread sheet (which will be linked here when it is prepared) If you finish out each of your matches, you will get 1 participation point!
1st: 120
2nd: 52
3rd-4th: 25
5th-8th: 12
9th-16th: 5
After the 6 weeks have passed, The top 16 players will receive an invite into the final bracket where each player will play for a $1000 Prize pool!

Top 8 Deck Lists
1st Place: Eternity
2nd Place: StormyMelody
3rd Place: Noah
4th Place: Essia
5th Place: BlankXE
6th Place: Vetu
7th Place: HSK Akamarured
8th Place: Dominus