Shadowverse Challenge #15 Top 8 Deck Lists

Shadowverse Challenge #15 Top 8 Deck Lists
Tournament Information:

Tournament Name:Shadowverse Challenge Tournament #15 endorsed by Cygames
Tournament Link:Excelsior Gaming BATTLEFY
Excelsior Gaming Twitch Channel
Tournament Date:Saturday, May 13th 2017
Number of Participants:120 Players
Format:- Conquest: 3 Deck 1 Bans
- Swiss Top 16 Double Elimination.
- Decks may not be of the same class
- Players will be given the opponent's class choices
- Players must win with both remaining decks
Prize:$300 USD
1st: $150
2nd: $90
3rd: $30
4th: $30

Top 8 Deck Lists
2nd Place: Dominus
3rd Place: ShadowShadet
4th Place: ExG andyz96x
Top 6: ThePron00b
Top 6: Ako.文学少女茶茶丸
Top 8: CpV.FanTaSy
Top 8: 큐리안