Shadowverse NEXT: Upcoming Updates!


On November 1st, Shadowverse announced big upcoming changes to the game in their official broadcast "SHADOWVERSE NEXT".


  • Implementation of a new format "Rotation" for Ranked Matches on December 29.
  • An in-game Tournament will be added to the Arena (Date not specified).
  • Yuwan, the leader for the new archetype Portalcraft will be coming on December 29.

What's the "Rotation Format"? + Plans for "Unlimited"

Rotation Format:

As written on the official statement:

"Rotation will include all cards released in the five latest card sets, as well as select basic cards. With around 500 cards to choose from, this new format will allow new players to jump into Shadowverse more easily."

Visual example of the Rotation Format:

Once the format is released in late December, so will the 7th set. That means that you will only be able to use cards from every pack except those from the Standard Card Pack and Darkness Evolved.

And it continues on as more packs are released. Once the eighth one comes by, all cards from Rise of Bahamut will be unable to be added into your deck.

Unlimited Format:

This format currently exists in-game where players can use any card they so desire.

However, the developers are considering banning and limiting cards in future updates to balance the game, depending on how the meta progresses.

"Rotation" and "Unlimited" in Ranked Matches

When the Rotation format is added to the game, your existing rank and score will be kept for both Rotation and Unlimited, giving you a head start for the new mode.

Upcoming Tournaments

Format: Unlimited

  • "Shadowverse Premier Cut 2018 Tokyo"
    • Japan, January 20 ~ 21, 2018.

Format: Rotation

  • "RAGE 2018 Spring"
    • Japan, February 2018 (Elimination Round)
    • Japan, March 2018 (Finals)

Format: Undecided

  • "2018 Shadowverse Taiwan Open Spring Series"
    • Taiwan, January ~ February 2018 (Elimination Round)
    • Taiwan, March 2018 (Finals)

In-Game Tournament Event

There will be an in-game tournament added to the Arena which can be played at your leisure at home, or anywhere with your mobile device. Anyone can enter the tournament, with prizes being exclusive Emblems and Rewards. No release date has been specified.

New Class: Portalcraft

And last but not least, there will be a new deck archetype "Portalcraft" with its Leader Yuwan to be added in the December 29 update.

This class features a more "mechanized" or "technological" theme, with puppets, artifacts, and enchanted lifeforms.

The deck's ability is called "Resonate", activating only when the number of cards in your deck is even (40 cards left, 38 cards left, and so on).

For instance, the above cards gains Rush if the deck has say, 24 cards left, allowing Resonate to be active.

There will be cards that allow the player to add powerful tokens (similar to Forestcraft's Fairies) such as the "Artifacts", into your deck, letting players manipulate their deck's card count to activate Resonate.

The tokens added to your deck can only be added to your hand via effects such as Last Word or Fanfare, preventing deck inconsistency.

Shadowverse World Grand Prix

Finally, Cygames has announced that the "Shadowverse World Grand Prix" is scheduled to start on December 23 (SAT) to the 24th (SUN) of 2017, with its total prize pool being a grand $100 000 USD.

The participants of the event consists of:

Japan - 12  
Taiwan - 3  
Korea - 3  
North America - 3  
Europe - 3  

Be sure to tune in on the mentioned date to see the top players battle it out.