The SN: Dream League Week 1 - Top 8 Deck Lists

The Shadow Nexus: Dream League Week 1
What is the Dream Format?

Dream format is an alternative way of playing Shadowverse created by The Shadow Nexus. It uses an organic ban and restricted list (meaning it changes depending on the power level of the cards in the format) and is updated every week. There is also a league based on this format as well that you can find on battlefy!

Tournament Information:

Tournament Name:The Shadow Nexus: Dream League Week 1
Tournament Link:Shadow Nexus BATTLEFY
Shadow Nexus Twitch Channel
Tournament Date:Friday, May 12th 2017
Number of Participants:88 Players
Ban List:Week #1 Ban List

Top 8 Deck Lists
1st Place: CpV.Botalz
2nd Place: ExG TheSeventh
3rd Place: Grimnir
4th Place: ExG andyz96x
5th Place: ExG.OnionSheep
6th Place: MagicNow!
7th Place: ExG DinoT
Top 8: CpV.FanTaSy