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Tier List
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Tier Rating Explanation

This tier list is based in recent tournament performances and are subject to change regularly based on how these decks continue to perform. 

Tier List Classifications

S+ TierA deck that has very little to no bad match ups. When played properly, a tier 0 deck will win the majority of the time on the play and do exceptionally well when playing on the draw
S TierA strong deck that is well balanced and capable of winning many different match ups. A very solid choice for a different deck when playing in a tournament environment.
A Tier A deck that does suffers from some bad matchups but can do incredibly well with good draws. Let's just call this "High roll" tier.
B TierA deck that does have some glaring weaknesses. It can high roll very well but it also suffers from consistency issues. Decks can also be placed into this tier if there is no clear indicator of how good the deck currently is.
S+ Tier

Well the former king has returned to his throne! Midrange Shadowcraft is back and it's wrecking everything in its path! Many believed that with the loss of Shadow Reaper and Prince Catacomb, shadow wouldn't continue to be a powerhouse in the current metagame but Demonlord Eachtar remains one of the best legendaries in all of shadowverse! Not to mention that shadow is incredibly consistent and suffers from little to no bad matchups now that much of the neutral blood deck has been killed off by the nerfs presented by Cygames. Not to mention the massive amount of draw and removal the deck has access too in order to keep your opponents options limited. This deck has it all!

It has fallen out of favor for a little while due to neutral blood completely outclassing the deck but now that neutral blood no longer is as dominant, aggro blood has been seeing tons of play! Using Wicked Fairy Carabosse as its top end, the deck is remarkably flexible with the direction that people want to go with it. They could either just go pure aggressive or they can focus on a more bat generation style deck list that can do a substantial amount of burn damage.

While this deck can be incredibly dangerous to play in certain match ups, Vengeance Blood has access to powerful curve plays into Belphegor / Dark Air Jammer. The deck is also highly adaptable to be able to play around with your life total so that you are mitigating the risks made by the damage you take. While this deck is capable of playing in different modes, you can burst your opponent to death with Dark General and Blood Wolf.

S Tier

Although Dragon has taken a bit of a hit with the recent change to Ouroboros, Ramp dragon is still a very powerful deck that can perform at the high levels. It still has tons of healing and early game removal such as Breath of the salamander and blazing breath to fight back against the very aggressive decks. It also has access to powerful late game cards such as genesis dragon or even polyphonic roar. Dragon is still in a very good place in the metagame right now. Its strategy just needs to be adjusted slightly.

Neutral Sword was originally believed to be a tier 0 deck but has since fallen out of favor after blood was discovered. Now that blood has been nerfed a great deal, Neutral sword stands atop the mountain as the best neutral class. With access to cards such as Maisy, Red Riding Hood and Council of Card Knights, Neutral sword has access to many value cards that are very hard to deal with for most decks.

Even though test of strength was changed, Aegis haven is still very good because the deck now has a very strong early game with Princess Snow White and Heavenly Hound Synergy. This deck packs tons and tons of removal so it can keep your opponents tempo under control. 

Finally, this deck is seeing the light of day! It is always a deck that players have been wanting to see more of and now people get to see it! Due to cards such as Master Mage Levi clearing your opponents board with relative ease, and Magic Illusionist being very good in the early game, burn rune is very good at playing both offensively and defensively!

A Tier

Aggro Swordcraft has made its way back into the metagame! Although it still suffers from the same issues it's had in previous metagames with being consistent, it is very explosive and and often lead to players dying as early as turn 5! Using its various buff effects from cards like Palace Fencer and Princess Vanguard, you can make incredibly high pressure situations that can be difficult for your opponent to break through because you split your damage up in so many different ways, your opponent will have an incredibly difficult time coming up with a way to deal with your board!

After the changes made by Cygames, neutral bloodcraft has taken a serious blow in the consistency department. Tove is no longer the powerhouse it once was but the deck is still quite functional! Although it will no longer rely on the use of Spawn of the abyss, it still have access to incredibly curve plays and full usage of Phantom Cat. The Deck is slightly less consistent due to the baphomet change but Neutral blood is still a powerhouse to deal with. You still have access to a powerful neutral curve and ways to maintain pressure with the amount of card draw the deck can still provide. For this reason, the deck is still a potential threat in the meta game!

Dshift is making a comeback in the tournament scene due to the high volume of control decks being played to counter the aggressive decks. Dshift has proven itself to be incredibly good against those decks. Unfortunately though, it still suffers from the same problems from before where it would still lose to the aggressive decks so playing this deck is a complete metagame call!

Of all of the neutral decks still running around, this one has certainly taken the to the front of the pack! With Falise, Leonardian Mage packing damage and removaland Witch of Sweets giving additional cards to help keep your hand fresh, neutral rune is proving that it is a very good deck in the metagame right now!

Very similar to Dshift, Seraph is used to counter other the control decks that are targeting the aggro meta. The only difference is that seraph packs a lot more removal than Dshift. The reason it is a little lower than Dshift though is because the deck is not a reliable and draw can be a bit sparse depending on your build. 

This deck has the capability to kill opponent seemingly out of nowhere. Control decks fear this deck a great deal because of its frightening consistency. However, unlike many other combo decks, roach can actually be quelled rather well by ward heavy deck decks and it lacks the removal options that other decks possess. As a replacement for its lack of removal, many of the roach lists will run heavy wards to force the opponent to grind through in order to stall until they have their combo pieces. 

B Tier

Less reliant on the roach combo (but certainly can still run it) this deck focuses more on using the powerhouse Beauty and the Beast. If played properly, it can be incredibly difficult to kill and using the neutral package, you make up for the lack of removal options with a powerful early game. Elf Twin's Assault is a very good removal spell and more than likely will clear bigger followers because you are running primarily neutral cards.

Control decks are very good against hyper aggressive decks. Unfortunately, Control blood suffers from the same problem it suffered from before, That problem is that it takes an incredibly difficult time winning the game. While it has access to cards such as Spawn of the Abyss and Temptress Vampire to help close out games.


Name Previous Tier Current Tier
Vengeance Blood S S+
Neutral / Alice Sword S A

The remainder of the tier list for week 8/18/2017 is the same.