Tier List

Tier List
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Tier Rating Explanation

This tier list is based in recent tournament performances and are subject to change regularly based on how these decks continue to perform. 

Tier List Classifications

S+ TierA deck that has very little to no bad match ups. When played properly, a Tier S+ deck will win the majority of the time on the play and do exceptionally well when playing on the draw.
S TierA strong deck that is well balanced and capable of winning many different match ups. A very solid choice for a different deck when playing in a tournament environment.
A Tier A deck that suffers from some bad matchups but can do incredibly well with good draws. Let's just call this "High roll" tier.
B TierA deck that has some glaring weaknesses. It can high roll very well but it also suffers from consistency issues. Decks can also be placed into this tier if there is no clear indicator of how good the deck currently is.
S+ Tier

Aggro Sword, much like Aggro Blood, has many different tools added to its arsenal. Perseus may seem bad but is great considering it enables you to play Commander synergistic cards like Centaur Vanguard to put constant pressure on your opponent. With access to so many Storm followers, it's possible to win the game as early as turn 4/5!

A new deck to the scene but man has it been making waves! Prime Dragon Keeper has been performing incredibly well in all forms of competition. Not only is it capable of running cards such as Dark Dragoon Forte and Genesis Dragon to help finish out the game, but is also capable of applying some measure of control against your opponents boards if you can get the Prime Dragon Keeper down early enough. This deck has been showing its value ever since it came out, and is expected that the deck will be around for a while!

S Tier

Lord Atomy, Something that was looked upon as a bit of a "joke" deck has now risen to prominence in the current meta game! The deck used to suffer from not being able to recover after playing the atomy but now, you have so many different ways to flood the board and keep cards in your hand with things like staircase to paradise and Andrealphus. And if that wasn't enough, you can generate a ton of shadows to finish your opponent with a huge deathly tyrant!

Ramp dragon of old has been performing incredibly well on the ladder as of recently as decent counter to the tier 1 decks. It still has pretty much the same late game that it had before with little differences but it did get some new tech cards like Beowulf and Avowed Strike.

Being made incredibly consistent by the addition of Karl, Burn Rune is just as potent as ever with its varying style of play. You have access to a wide variety of sigils nowadays, and cards that can produce them for you. Not to mention you also have access to additional card draw in the form of Concentration should you want it. Or you could just opt to run an Oz variation. The deck is quite flexible and does well vs a lot of things in the field!

Vengeance Blood is doing surprisingly well right now. Depending on the build, it has all of the tools that may be needed to handle the current meta giants in Aggro Sword and PDK Dragon. While the deck did not get a ton of new cards, the same tried and true version of the deck still works with its stars Belphegor and Dark Air Jammer . One of the best things about this deck is its flexibility. You can put together a variety of configurations for this deck and it can do well!

No matter how many different ways this deck is made, it somehow always manages to stay at the top! Midrange Shadow is still an incredibly powerful deck. Demonlord Eachtar still proving that he is one of the best cards in the game but now Midrange Shadow has access to some new tools like Ceres of the Night and Dark Bladefiend.

Tyrant can be quite the surprise finisher against players who are unsuspecting and requires players to play very cautiously around it because it could be lurking. All in all, the deck is still very strong and is worthy of consideration!

Roach is fighting its way back up in the ranks! It has been performing very well against a variety of decks lately due to its new card Airbound Barrage. Not to mention the deck has access to Wood of Brambles to make your opponents early aggro trades feel completely pointless, and Casseiopia to keep your opponents board clear. The deck still requires you to think pretty hard but it is certainly a deck that is rewarding when played.

Quite possibly the strongest control deck you can have right now, Aegis Haven is a deck that literally has answers to most if not all situations that come up! Not to mention an end-game that literally crushes other control match ups(Heavenly Aegis). And now, the deck has access to Aether of the White Wing that can actually search for your Aegis for you in the event that you didn't get it later in the game.

A Tier

D-shift is making a comeback in the tournament scene due to the high volume of control decks being played to counter the aggressive decks. D_shift has proven itself to be incredibly good against those decks. Unfortunately, it still suffers from the same problems from before where it would still lose to the aggressive decks, so playing this deck is a complete metagame call!

Able to maintain its aggro components while adding a stronger late game, Midrange Sword is actually quite a good deck that has decent match-ups across the board. One of the main strengths of the deck is to be able to switch gears when need be. Also, with the inclusion of Lux, Solar Lancer, the deck now has access to card draw that it didn't have access to before!

Aggro forest is a deck that hasn't seen play in a really long time but it has been performing incredibly well as of late. With Elf Song being able to buff your already in play followers as well as give you more fairies to flood the board with; not to mention that it has a very good Ambush follower in the name if Ipiria, aggro forest is a nice and easy deck to ease into and rack up the wins!

While Nephthys Shadows gameplan is largely the same, it did get access to some new tools such as Belenus and Twilight Queen. In combination with your Last Words followers, Twilight Queen can enable some crazy stuff! Neph Shadow is primed to handle many of the decks being played right now!

B Tier