Understanding Tournament Play: Tech Cards by Aya Senpai

Understanding Tournament Play: Tech Cards by Aya Senpai
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Tech Cards

As we know, the competitive scene for Shadowverse is revving up and there are quite a bit of different approaches to competitive play. Some people like playing for consistency while some people like having that little extra “surprise” factor to their gameplay. Today, we are going to talk about one of those surprise factors and that is going to be why tech cards are not only important but vital to competitive play!

If you have ever played a competitive card game (or any competitive game really), you have probably experienced your opponent playing a card or making a move against you that you didn’t expect them to play. You were probably like “Wait...What just happened?” and that move they played probably cost you the game because you weren’t prepared for it. That’s one of the beauties of tech cards; they are completely unexpected and you don’t really know how to prepare for them because why would you think your opponent would put that specific card in their deck to beat you?

Outside of the “surprise” factor, there are other factors as well as to why players would use tech cards in their decks. Since the majority of Shadowverse tournaments are open decklists, your opponent will know what your tech cards are. While they would know what cards are in your deck, they are constantly thinking about whether or not you are going to draw that card or if you already have that card in your hand. That psychological warfare can be crucial in a match because it can alter your opponent’s gameplan and they could make a suboptimal play based on the presented information.

I suppose the next logical question about tech cards is “How do I go about selecting the tech card that I would need for certain matchups?”. Well, that completely depends on the metagame that you are playing in. If you are familiar enough with the decks that are being played against you in the meta, then you can select a card that is very strong against that. For example, a very popular tech card a few metas ago was Mr Full Moon vs Heavenly Aegis deck builds. Since Aegis cannot be destroyed or removed from the board in any way, Mr. Full Moon was very good at shutting it down. The problem with Mr. Full Moon is that wasn’t very good against many other decks so in order for someone to be teching it, they would have to know with some level of certainty that they could use it in the match it was designed for.

Now as amazing as tech cards sound, they do have a massive drawback: Consistency. Running too many tech cards in your deck can make it more difficult to draw the cards you want because you are running less of something that might be important to your strategy. Tech cards are also generally not very good for ranked play either because the deck was specifically designed for a tournament setting and when you are playing ranked, you don’t know what deck you might fight against. I know that point didn’t really have anything to do with tournaments directly but players often like to netdeck the winning decks and some of those might have specific tech cards for certain matchups.

Final Thoughts

Being able to run a tech that can throw your opponents off is a very valuable and powerful strategy to a competitive player. It can help give them the edge in very difficult matchups. What you have to consider is whether or not you want to possibly sacrifice consistency to achieve a potentially decisive edge or a possible dud that you possibly teched wrong against. It can be helpful to look at what other players do when they are trying to improve their game so that you can add that knowledge to your own. Studying the previous winning decks is an excellent way to do that and can help you on your journey to becoming a better player.