Unsung Heroes: Seraphic Blade By Aya Senpai

Unsung Heroes: Seraphic Blade By Aya Senpai
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Seraphic Blade

Howdy Shadowverse players

Usually when you see me write an article, you see that I am writing about a particular concept or a deck tech of sorts. Not today! Today, I want to talk about a single card. A card that I believe has changed a great deal about what we know about shadowverse and that card is...Seraphic Blade!

Seraphic Blade is a card that has been seeing a lot of play in both Rotation and unlimited. The applications of this card thus far since its inclusion in Brigade of the Sky have been nearly astounding as there are many targets that the card can hit at all points of the game.

Now I could talk about the number of decks that this card has been played in recently but that is a pretty long list. Instead, I am going to talk about the value of the card instead. Seraphic Blade has 2 modes: It either destroys something for 2 or less; or with enhance. It destroys anything. The first mode of this card is helpful to deal with some probleme cards that you might have to deal with in the early / mid game. Cards such as Wood of Brambles and Vira Knight Fanatic can be very difficult for decks to deal with. On the flip side to that, later game cards such as big followers or, more specifically, tenko shrine can also be dealt with by this card.

The weakness of having such a versatile card becomes readily apparent after you play with the card a bit: Tempo loss. Whenever you are playing with any sort of early game removal, you are not “generating” tempo but rather giving it up in order to prevent your opponent from getting too far ahead of you. Later in the game, tempo loss can actually be even worse. Giving up 6 of your play points later in the game can almost be akin to skipping your turn if you don’t have a very powerful follow up. But sometimes, these loses become needed when you are trying to win the match.

The creation of Seraphic blade in my opinion is one of the best things that has been introduced to the game. While personally, I wouldn’t want to run 3 of this card, it is a very solid tech card that can be added into any deck to give it that little extra push it needs to help problem matchups. Until Next time!

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