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Just be faster then him... play D-Shift, Roach or any competitive Aggro or Midrange deck.

Ahmmmm... please add me? I... I'm not used to befriending others!
Anyway here is my ID: 493…

I will play cancer!

You know... it was supposed to be a joke!!!?

Aggro Forest is a affordable and strong optio…

You are welcome, sir?

Go for Ramp!

Vial them! At the moment... You receive 800 vials for each Thane liquifed, meaning that you get t…

Aggro Forest is an usable deck in Rotation as well as in Unlimited. I sometimes play it on Master…

-Can't be killed by Tribunal of Gayness when played
-Better Chronos synergie…

true... for the last part at least (I wasn't AA3 for long (less than one day))... so I don't know…